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Bespoke branding for a commercial drone company

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StrathAero approached Bearfaced Studio with a revolutionary idea for drones; using drones as a means of managing wildlife areas and agriculture. They needed a branding that would be suggestive of the drone itself, but highlight the precise and forward-thinking nature of what they had planned.


After initial research and brand exploration, ourselves and StrathAero decided to opt for a hummingbird logomark — an animal that is incredibly nimble and wasn't as literal as simply the drone by itself. The animal element tied in with the companies ideas for working with wildlife, as well as building a more personable brand.


StrathAero now have a strong visual starting point to take their company forward. This makes finding investment and business partners an easier process as instant trust is built up with the branding, and clear marketing communications have been established.

We took inspiration from the hovering ability of a hummingbird.
The final logo captures this hover in a minimal design and accompanying typography.
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