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Building a brand for a vintage furniture reseller

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Squirrel Salvage

Squirrel Salvage is a business that buys vintage and mid-century furniture, repurposes the pieces and bring them back to their original quality. They came to use to create a branding for them that had a vintage appeal, was approachable and incorporated some form of 'squirrel' element in the logo design.


As our client had a clear vision, we got to work using their direction as a starting point. We explored different ways to combine approachability with vintage, which came across most in the typography and colour scheme. Throughout the design process, we gave our client various logos to decide between before development began on the chosen concept.


The final logo design for Squirrel Salvage pairs their companies values and creates a sense of professionalism — a true brand of what they stand for. The acorn design is instantly recognisable and gives Squirrel Salvage a logomark that will stand the test of time.

Our client had an idea in mind to use the iconic shape on an acorn as part of their branding, giving us a good direction to begin the project.
We experimented with various forms of typography to present the logo in a modern vintage style.
Additional layouts were considered as we explored how the brand could look.
We presented 3 concepts to our client, each with it's own distinct style.
After discussion, we began developing the chosen logo concept — refining and tweaking for a professional finish.
This resulted in creating a bespoke brand that both the client and ourselves felt represented their business well.
As an additional piece, we recreated a 'LE GUN' posted for personal use.
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