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Creating bespoke illustrations for the Scottish Design Award 2019 event

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Scottish Design Awards
"We commissioned Bearfaced Studio to refresh the graphics for our 2019 Scottish Design Awards. We approached Reiss in late 2018 with a basic brief of coming up with something different than what was used in the past, but with a Scottish theme. After a couple of concepts were presented, we decided to change our approach slightly and look at how we can retain familiarity with previous years. Reiss subsequently produced some stunning graphics, which we have implemented across all Awards platforms and media. We are very happy with the amount of communication we had with Reiss and the level of professionalism in the work produced."
Aleks Bochniak
Scottish Design Awards

We were contacted by the Scottish Design Awards to create a master artwork that could be used on all of their collateral for the upcoming event. This awards ceremony was for both graphic design and architecture. Our main contact, Aleks Bochniac, discussed with us that these graphics will be being used on their website, social media, and print material for the event. In previous years they had opted for photography-based artwork and were looking for something more graphic to fit the themes of the event. Armed with their current branding and colour-scheme, we got to work to create an illustrative piece that was versatile and professional.


We began this project with a large focus on research — understanding who will be attending the event and what the event itself stands for. Once we established the target demographic, we focused on themes for the event, ensuring that an element of Scotland was captured. Once a theme had been decided, we moved to the concept stage, showing potential design ideas based on the initial themes. Offering more than one concept allowed our client to decide which direction they felt best suited their awards ceremony.


After completing the design process, both the Scottish Design Awards and ourselves decided on an overall concept and developed it to a high standard that could be used for all of their deliverables. The final piece was a digital illustration that comprised of equipment that the attendees of the event would commonly use. The overall style was a celebration of the design process itself, a way of showing the importance of working through a process as a team and seeing the final work come together. The final piece was created in both a light and dark version for our client, to give them the greatest value out of the overall project.

We began this project with research into who will be attending the event as it was important that the graphics represented the attendees.
Generating themes helped our client get an overall look and feel straight away, giving us a direction to take our concept designs.
We ensured each theme was different, but all represented the brief.
This theme for example breaks down the design process to it's fundamentals and is reminiscent of architectural sketches.
An initial element that the Scottish Design Event team were keen to explore was the Scottish element.
Once the themes had been discussed, we then moved on to individual concepts. These are the overall messages and styles that the client can select from.
Each concept was then broken down into composition ideas.
As well as element ideas.
We created mock ups of how we envisioned the artwork to look after the concepts were discussed. This offers the client a preview into the direction that they choose to take moving forward. Above you can see this is more of a collage design.
And this concept is based on digital illustration.
Our client opted for digital illustration, and we developed this idea to create the final artwork pieces seen above. We wanted these to be very versatile, so we provided Aleks with the design files, allowing him to use specific elements when required, and move the design around to fit.
A white version was created to ensure that all bases were covered and the design brought the most value to out client.
The event itself was a massive success and we were proud to see the artwork being used throughout.
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