North Korea Tourism

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A satirical newspaper detailing the pros and mainly cons of traveling to North Korea

Live Project
Bearfaced Studio

A newspaper like no other — a tourism guide for North Korea. This concept was to showcase how infographics can help to take complicated/uninteresting information and build an engaging graphic that will help peak people's interest.


We printed the design onto a thin paper that you would find on news publications for a more authentic look and feel. The photography was treated to highlight the slow technological advances of NK, tied in with absurd information relating to the country — maybe a trip for next year?


The final piece was a semi-finalist in the Adobe Awards for infographics.

The paper wrapped up, ready for packaging.
A full shot of the inside of the infographic, utilising a weathered aesthetic to give the impression of an authentic NK newspaper.
Redacted contact information — top secret stuff!
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