Kelvinhall Shipping Container Artwork

About Project

Artist mock ups for a trendy food and shopping yard, made from shipping containers

Live Project
Steven Brady

How do you really make a business plan stand out from the competition? You put the investor right into the proposal, a clear visual representation of what your plans are. For this project, we worked closely with Steven with his idea for Kelvinhall in Glasgow — a food & drinks space constructed from shipping containers. Steven needed a visual representation of how the site would look after construction to show potential investors.


We used a drone to capture footage of the surrounding area. The imagery was then used to plan out the layout of the space. This was then built up in photoshop to create a render of the final space — bit from an aerial view and a first-person perspective on the ground for an immersive experience.


Steven now has these visuals to use as part of a proposal document for investors and funding, a powerful asset to visually describe his plans.

A drone shot of the site where construction would take place.
The initial sketch of the overall layout.
The final artist depiction of the site plan.
Additional first person shots of the site.
Another angle take on foot.
The final mock up that gives the investors an idea of how the constructed space would look and feel.
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