Grids & Structures

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An editorial piece that showcases various grids & structures used within design projects

Live Project
Bearfaced Studio

This project was created as a showcase of what's possible when it comes to editorial pieces for design.


Using a combination of print techniques and laser-cutting, we created a presentation piece that is very helpful when it comes to explaining multiple grid types for up-and-coming projects.


The design achieved a finalist position in the Adobe Awards for editorial pieces, something that we were delighted to be a part of.

The outside box entirely made out of wood. We used a laser-cutter to create the hinge and engraving on the outside.
You can see that the elastic bands line up with the grid type by using the books key.
An inside shot of the book inside of the case.
A promotional posted for the informative Grads & Structures book — we used the same overall design style with a more complex composition.
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