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Fénix Fitness
"Bearfaced Studio stuck exactly to the brief and description that I wanted to portray on my logo and designed it even better than I imagined it in my head to look like!I personally enjoyed the way they present the logo ideas showing me them in different formats such as business cards & jumpers so that it brought my logo to life. You worked quickly and professionally which made me realise my business was in good hands! Attentive and provided excellent customer service all round. I’ll certainly be in touch in the future to run more ideas past you!"
Jordan Halsman
Fénix Fitness

Jordan came to us to create a brand that inspires and motives people to work hard on their fitness goals. His new PT career is based around helping others become the best version of themselves — thus Fénix Fitness rose up and took form.


By using our design process, we explored multiple ways of symbolising Jordan's ambition for his brand. We wanted to ensure there was a fitness element in the logo, alongside the feeling of inner strength that comes along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We honed in on these core beliefs and ventured into multiple design solutions that represented his brand well.


Our final brand design centres around the visual representation of the phoenix. We included a dumbbell in the negative space of the logo and used bold and strong typography to really cement the overall design.

We always begin our design process with initial sketches — an opportunity to explore multiple logo designs in a quick and effective manner.
We offered Jordan 3 initial concepts designs to choose from, each stemming from the original brief.
In our concept presentation we showcased each design on mockups to give a real-world sense of how they could be used.
Moving into the development stage we refined the logo designs and tried varying layouts.
Our client was keen to combine some elements of varying concepts — each capturing a different element of their business.
Both our client and our team were delighted with the final result.
A key part to brand design is ensuring that the logo is adaptable to where it is being used. We ensured through our logo pack that Jordan would be covered on all bases with his final product.
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