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A branding project for a company that takes time to see things from their clients perspective and make the marketing experience one to remember.

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Nazan came to use looking to build a brand that was professional and reflected her positive personality. Traditionally, marketing agencies offer any service to clients that they can just to make a profit, but Nazan aimed to educate businesses that though the services can be applied individually, the real impact will come from a joined-up approach and that SEO, for example, should no longer be thought of as a standalone practice, it's a practice that is embedded in everything else that falls under digital marketing generally.


Some of the main elements of the brief that jumped out to us straight away were the 'joined-up' approach and the 'educational' side of Nazan's approach to her clients. By going through our design process, we explored different elements of our client's marketing business ideas and found ways to project the core beliefs of the company.


Our final brand and logo design builds on the very first stylescape that was chosen: Our inspiration behind this concept stems from a visual representation of a squared number in mathematics, the square number table. We felt this was also a good way of highlighting the connected approach our client takes, each service working together to create a rippling effect. Finally, the mark represents movement and direction, the shapes reminiscent of arrows, as Aberdeen Digital Marketing are guiding their clients to grow their business.

The final logo design.
We started the discovery section of our design process by creating stylescapes for our client to choose from. This stylescape was the one chosen by the client to use moving forward — 'Enjoying the marketing experience'.
Our second stylescape was focussed more on 'Impact and action'.
And our third stylescape looked into 'Professional support'.
From the chosen stylescape we moved to our concept stage — resulting in 4 different concepts for the client to choose from.
We offered mockups to help visualise how each of the concepts could be used.
These mockups spanned across multiple media types.
As we moved into our development stage, we tried different colour combinations, and the merging of different concept ideas.
The client opted for a name change for the final development. This had more of a focus on where they were based on still worked well with the chosen concept.
We completed the project by creating a branding sheet for our client to use. These branding sheets ensure continuity with the logo when being used in the future.

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