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Since its foundation in 1888, Fedrigoni has specialised in fine paper for printing, editing, labels, bookbinding, packaging and paper products. Fedrigoni 365 is a project to commemorate the year 2018 by asking leading UK-based creatives to contribute a piece of work to a design compendium, which takes the form of the Fedrigoni annual Calendar.


We were assigned the date of May 27th. After initial research of the date, we found this to be Japan's national naval day, the inspiration for our illustration of a swan passing the large imposing naval ship. The piece was captioned with: "The 27th of May was a celebration of Japan’s Navy forces. A swan crossing the path of a powerful naval ship symbolises the combative man-made structure's coincidence with the natural form of the sea, resulting in two contrasting elements unified. The number 27 can be found within these 2 elements."


The result of this process is a striking black tome that holds 365 single-colour designs within, a brilliant piece of work to be featured in.

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