Alice Sharp


Fun and exciting website that reflects Alice's brilliant personality


Alice Sharp is an early childhood influencer, keynote speaker, mum, and writer. Her main focus is on providing young children with the best start to life, through experiential play. This involves training parents and nurseries on how to interact with children in the most effective way — allowing them to flourish. Alice was looking for a website that reflected both her skills and her brilliant personality, making it easy for visitors to understand what she can offer them.


We used Alice's contagious and exciting personality to our full advantage when developing her website, which is highlighted through the vibrant imagery. During the photoshoot, we captured Alice in her natural teaching environment, demonstrating her skills to an audience as well as focussing on her contagious energy. The website's colour schemes highlighted the early years training Alice offered, and the overall structure of the website helped visitors to easily navigate to the information they required.


The new website platform allowed Alice to easily and professionally show offer what her business could offer. Her new series of Adventures with Alice (a one-year programme) has been massively successful and her business is continually growing.

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