Starting your own business: The do's and don'ts of targeting your market (part 3)

May 8, 2019

How niching your business can actually help you grow much quicker

You better believe it's time for the third instalment for all those startup businesses out there. Today we're going to discuss the benefits of niching your business, as well as providing your customers and clients with a professional design experience.
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DO niche your business to grow faster

I sat down with Andrew Dobbie of Made Brave to have a chat about his own journey, shedding light on the areas I wasn't familiar with. I asked him the classic "If you were to begin building your business from scratch, what would you have done differently?". He answered "Niche the business, it would have helped us to grow and expand so much quicker."

Now this one caught me off guard. I'd always thought that being a generalist at the beginning of the business would therefor provide us with more opportunities to gain clients and begin projects. But in today's startup climate, you really need something that separates you from the thousands of other businesses — a spearhead to get potential customers and clients to really see the value of your business.

I thought about it from Bearfaced Studio's perspective; if a client is looking for branding, would they rather choose a design studio that tries to offer every single thing they request, or a branding studio that specialises in creating brands for startup businesses. I think I know which one I'd choose *nudge nudge*.

DON'T underestimate good design

"For me, design and graphics is one of those areas that businesses (especially small ones) just don’t realise how much they actually need it!" Deborah is the Marketing Executive for Cactus Industrial, a company that provide the oil & gas industries with specialist equipment. Since getting involved with design studios, she's mentioned how it has affected the trust of the brand, and in turn the number of customers and clients it has attracted.

You may have the most incredible product or service in the world, and offer a totally bespoke and caring service to any customer you interact with — but that won't stop unknowing customers from going for the alternative down the street. And the only reason they went for them was because "They look professional", or "I can tell they're trustworthy".

People don't like being sold to. They like to be ones deciding who to buy from. And if design can help them make their decision without a hard sale, it will dramatically change how people perceive your business. Although the quote "Don't judge a book by it's cover" sends a positive message, making snap decisions based on instant appearance is human nature.

Come back tomorrow for some more lessons that have been learnt through startup businesses and building our own Bearfaced Studio brand 🐻