Starting your own business: The do's and don'ts of building your brand (part 2)

May 8, 2019

How having confidence in your own ability helps you to fail your way to success

We're back for the second round of starting your own business. In this post we'll look at the importance of  understanding your brand and messaging, as well as failing your way to success.
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This one's going to be motivational, I hope you're ready to take over the world.

Strap in and enjoy the read:

DO understand your own brand

As the business owner, it's so easy to get lost in the number of options you have available in terms of marketing your product/service. In the initial stages take your time to truly think abut why your product/service is better, what makes it unique, who are your target audiences, and what benefit are they going to be getting from your business? I had the pleasure of meeting Marty Neumeier, a true branding expert who has worked with the likes of Apple and Microsoft. He spoke about how your client base, your customers are the ones that create the brand, all you can do is help to mould it.

Branding is a lot more than just a logo design. The closer you are to understanding where your business's benefits are to your target audience, the easier it will be to communicate those messages. And those core messages are what help to mould your brand.

DON'T be scared of failure

I feel that a lot of people have been brought up to believe failure to be a bad thing in life. If you failed, you did something wrong, that must mean you're bad, right?

NO, YOU'RE WRONG, AGAIN! But it's certainly not the end of the world, quite the opposite in fact. This crippling fear of failure restricts so many people from pursuing the things they love and living the life they really want to. A lot of it comes down to what you think other peoples' perceptions will be — but in reality the only person that cares is you. "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" (thank you Wayne Gretzky for that quote).

Use failure to your advantage by analysing what happened and changing your actions to be more successful with your next attempt, and your next, and your next. The probability of getting everything right first time is so slim, but the probability of people actually taking the first step to their real goals is even slimmer. So be the person who takes the first step, because no one else will.

Come back on Thursday for some more lessons that have been learnt through startup businesses and building our own Bearfaced Studio brand 🐻