Get comfortable being uncomfortable

May 8, 2019

Why it's important to put yourself in new (and often scary) situations

Been there, done that, designed the t-shirt — so you're feeling confident right? Confidence is by no means a bad things, but stepping outside of that comfort zone is way better (although it won't feel like it).

There hasn't been one time where I haven't felt some form of nerves heading into a meeting. That instinctive response to interacting with new people, or trying to showcase your ideas, fully knowing that they're going to be judged. But every single time I have come out of these meetings, it feels amazing!

And I always think to myself, "Why was I so nervous? What did I even have to be afraid of?"

But lo and behold, the very next venture takes me down the same path of doubt. Now how ridiculous does that sound?

The idea behind 'Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable' is not limited to design, it applies to so many different areas of life. The only person holding you back from trying these new things, reaching for bigger clients, exploring a new business venture, taking that risk — is you.

It's an expression we love using here at Bearfaced Studio, because it helps to drive us forward and achieve amazing things we had no idea we were capable of.

Personally I always find setting myself challenges for the week helps me push these comfort boundaries, and who doesn't love a challenge?

So, my challenges for this week will be:

  • Attend 3 events to meet new people and network
  • Start up a conversation with a total stranger (and try not to freak them out)
  • Learn a completely new skill, as impractical as it may be

I'll follow up this post on Friday, mainly to hold myself accountable and ensure I do the challenges listed above.

Enjoy your week!