Starting your own business: The do's and don'ts of getting out there (part 4)

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June 24, 2019

ou better believe it's time for the fourth and final instalment for all those startup businesses out there. What a journey we've been on, I hope there were some points to take away.

Today it's all about pushing yourself to go out and meet people, explain your product/services, and not be afraid of how some people may react. There's also mention of imposter syndrome, something that nearly everyone experiences, especially when starting up their own business.

Drop us a line if there's any areas you'd like us to discuss in future blog posts!

DO meet people face to face

A lot of people these days love the idea of sitting behind a screen and interacting with potential customers and clients. Don't get me wrong, social media marketing is an incredible tool to use, for helping to strengthen your brand and build a good client base. But in the first few months you want to be out there interacting with as many people as possible. This gives you the opportunity to really hone in on how you speak about your business, and how people react to your ramblings.

"It's not what you know, it's who you know". And that's damn true — nearly every one of our initial clients came from face to face interactions, normally someone knowing someone else who is looking for our services. There is an instant building of trust when you can see who you're talking to, a real shortcut for growing your startup business.

Get yourself along to different events and talks, whilst keeping in mind what kind of events your potential clients and customers will be at. The more contacts and good impressions you make at these, the more likely you are to bring those initial clients onboard. Head over to Eventbrite and Meetup to see what events are kicking off nearby you.

DON'T feel like an imposter

Imposter syndrome is that feeling you get when you don't believe your skills are legitimate. The feeling of being a fraud, and that other people around you who are already in business are judging you for pretending to know what you're doing. The reality of it is that everyone feels this way, even people that have been doing it for tens of years.

Most other existing business owners I've spoken to still get that feeling that other people have more of an idea what they're doing. But it's all a learning curve, everyone feels like they're 'winging it'. So don't let that be something to slow you down from starting up your own business.

Have a read of this article which goes into more detail on the subject.

And that wraps up our week of startup business do's and don'ts! It's been a lot of fun summarising some of the thoughts and discussions we have had with our clients — sometimes you just need that extra bump of motivation to begin working on something you truly love.

Keep checking in with our blog section to keep up to date with everything going on in the business of startups, branding, and design 🐻

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