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May 8, 2019

t's been a great week at Bearfaced Studio, and I've found myself feeling like we've achieved a lot.

When I say achieved a lot more, this isn't necessarily reflected in amount of work done. Mainly from progress being made; a perfect tie-in with our current mantra of "Work Smarter, Not Harder".

At the start of last week I set myself some personal challenges, which you can see by clicking here. The main goal of this was to push our company forward and place myself in situations I wasn't used to, or sometimes not comfortable being in (or so I thought).

My challenges were:

  • Attend 3 events to meet new people and network
  • Start up a conversation with a total stranger (and try not to freak them out)
  • Learn a completely new skill, as impractical as it may be

So let's see how that went:

— The 3 events I went to last week were the following:

  1. A Business Gateway marketing strategy meeting — this was a brilliant experience really thinking about our business and how we should be marketing to more specific people that we would like to help. It was also a fantastic opportunity to meet new businesses and relate to people that are on a similar journey.
  2. A client photoshoot for their new business — Day 7 Gym is a fantastic new company affiliated with Rock Steady Boxing. But this is no regular boxing gym, it focusses on classes for people with Parkinson's Disease, and how the boxing training can help them relax and interact with people that are facing similar challenges to themselves.
  3. And finally, GDFS's Business Bootcamp — a great time to interact with other creative businesses and learn from the top dogs! My very talented cousin Lily was there from Lily Bakes Cakes, with some of the most delicious cakes you've ever seen!

— Starting up a conversation with a poor stranger that was falling victim to my test. I found myself being more aware of opportunities to engage in conversations with this challenge, which was a great experience. I struck up a conversation with a retired school teacher who was now focussing on their passion for painting. She told me of how she began teaching, some of the challenges she faced through education, and how she was always looking to have time for focussing on her art. Someone I'll most likely I'll never meet again, but a conversation I won't be forgetting for a long time.

— "What's this mysterious new skill Reiss?" I hear you asking. Well it's really not as exciting as you may be anticipating, but it is however something that's really helped me find a lot of focus this week. I'm a sucker for falling into a YouTube spiral, my most recent spiral being Matt D'Avella's introduction to a more minimalist approach to life. I've found myself slowing down and being a lot more mindful of my surroundings, something I was very interested in previously but found myself slipping away from as I was relying on a habitual lifestyle. If you're disappointed in this answer, then boxing may be a new skill on the horizon after my eyes being opened by Day 7 Gym's brilliant training exercises.

I've found that by setting small goals keeps your motivation high and allow you to be much more aware of how you spend your seconds. So it's time to appreciate the small things, put yourself in scary situations, and enjoy every second of the journey!

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