About Us

We are Bearfaced Studio, a branding agency founded in 2018, on a mission to simplify the process of design.

Our goal is to help business find their core messaging, be represented in an effective and exciting manner, and make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

So join us on our journey for total clarity, effective creativity, and a bit of fun too.

Our Mission

To support startup and existing business by visually projecting their ideas in a clear and exciting manner.

Our Vision

To become the go-to branding studio for startups, small to medium sized businesses, helping our clients build their brand to the highest standards.

Our Values

  • NO BS
But why 'bearfaced studio'?

Barefaced /bɛːˈfeɪst/:
"Shameless and undisguised"

Bear /bɛː/:
Take responsibility for"
(also, a big scary animal)

Who We Are

Creative Team

Creative Director
Blog Author

Reiss is passionate about all things branding; building up a visual representation of a companies ideas. He loves being a part of any creative activity — whether it’s mapping out a user experience, getting his hands dirty with some copy or even re-building bits of his motorbike. A born presenter; Reiss is never happier when showcasing ideas from his widely vivid imagination. Once an architect, he has a keen eye for conceptual ideas and never tires of learning new things.

Print Specialist
Blog Author

John has an eye for the detail, always on the lookout for minute changes to be made and altered. With his experience, he is the go-to for finalising projects and ensuring everything is ready to go before a launch. A carpenter in his spare time, John understands the patience needed to create something bespoke for clients, something that translates very well to branding and design.

Studio Pup
Blog Author

Who's a good girl?! Roxy, of course, how dare you even question it. Our labradoodle counterpart is full of love (especially when treats are involved) and keeps the projects ticking over like clockwork. Woof woof!

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